MarWin Bridal FAQ

Ready to shop for your perfect wedding dress but have questions? Not a problem! We are here to help. Here is what you need to know about shopping for your dream wedding dress at MarWin Bridal.


Q:   Do I need an appointment to try on wedding dresses?

A:    Walk-ins are always welcome but appointments are preferred. MarWin Bridal has 3 fitting rooms available and sometimes all fitting rooms are in use. If you book an appointment, this will ensure a fitting room will be available for you to try on wedding dresses during your visit.


Q:    How long will my appointment last?

A:     First time open hour appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes. First time private appointments are schedule for 2 hours. This length of time allows you to try on multiple dresses with your consultant and narrow down your search for your dream wedding dress.


Q:     What is the price range of dresses at your store?

A:      MarWin Bridal has both a consignment and new wedding dress sections. It is because of our two sections that our dresses range is price from $100 to $2,999. The average cost of new wedding dresses in our store is $1,200.


Q:    Should I wear special undergarments to try on wedding dresses?

A:     We recommend bringing a strapless bra with you to try on dresses. This will help you to get a better idea of the neckline of a dress you may be trying. A robe is provided in the dressing room for you to make sure you are comfortable in between dresses. 


Q:   Can I buy a wedding dress off the rack?

A:    Yes, but not all wedding dresses can be purchased off the rack. MarWin Bridal does have sales throughout the year where sample gowns are discounted when purchased off the rack. Join our mailing list to be alerted when these sales are happening! Click Here to join the mailing list.


Q:    What sizes of wedding dresses do you have to try on?

A:    We have a variety of different sizes and styles for you to try on at MarWin Bridal! Our sample sizes range from a size 8 through a size 30. We will order your wedding dress based off of your unique measurements. 


Q:    How long do wedding dresses take to come in after they are ordered?

A:    A wedding dress can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to come in after the order is placed. Once your dress is received, a MarWin Bridal associate will contact you via your preferred contact method to let you know it has come in.


Q:    Are alterations included in the cost of the dress?

A:    Alterations are a separate cost. MarWin Bridal does have an in house seamstress that can complete your wedding dress alterations. The cost of those alterations are given on a dress by dress basis.

Have more questions about Alterations? Click Here to view our Alteration FAQ. 


Q:    Will you have champagne for me and my party?

A:    MarWin Bridal will have coffee and water available to you and your party during your appointment. You are welcome to bring your own light colored champagne and wine if you wish. We do ask that no red wines be opened in the store to protect the wedding dresses.


Q:    Can I take pictures of the dresses I try on?

A:    Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. A wedding dress can sometimes look different in a picture than it does in person. It is best to take pictures of the dresses you like. This can also help you compare two dresses you might be deciding on.

Still Have Questions?

MarWin Bridal will be happy to answer any questions that you have. Visit our contact page or call the store today!