Consignment Pop-Up Sale FAQs

Questions about buying consignment

Q: What does consignment dress mean?

A: Consignment means that the dress is owned by an individual other than MarWin Bridal. Some consigned dresses may have been worn before but many are brand new. MarWin Bridal is selling the dress on behalf of the consignor.

Q: What if I fall in love with a consignment dress that is not my size?

A: The consignment dresses are sold as is and most likely cannot be ordered through our store. A seamstress may be able to alter the dress for your perfect fit. We can help you determine if the alterations could be completed!

Q: How much do the dresses cost?

A: There is not a set price for each dress category but there will be some great deals!

  • Wedding Dresses starting at $100

  • Mother’s Dresses starting at $30

  • Bridesmaid Dresses starting at $25

Q: Will you have more or different dresses available at the Pop-Up Sale than what is at the store?

A: Yes! We are bringing in more wedding dresses and a different variety of dresses just for this Pop-Up Sale. We don’t have a final count yet but will closer to the start of the sale.

Q: Can I put a consignment dress on hold or layaway?

A: No. The dresses are all first come, first served so there will be no holds. The full price of the consignment dress must be paid at the time of the purchase.

Q: What is the return policy?

A: All sales are final with any purchase.

Questions about selling your dress

Q: How do I consign my dress?

A: There are a few steps for consignment.

  • Fill out the Consignment Pop-Up Sale Application

  • Send a picture of your dress to

  • We will respond to your application to let you know if your dress meets the requirements for consignment

  • If your dress meets the requirements, we will schedule an appointment for you to bring your dress to the store

Q: What type of dresses are you accepting for this sale?

A: We have expanded our selection of dresses for this Consignment Pop-Up Sale. We are accepting:

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Mother’s Dresses

  • Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Flower Girl Dresses

Q: What are the requirements for my dress to be accepted for consignment?

A: We will determine the eligibility based off a few requirements -

  • Purchased within the last 5 years

  • Professionally cleaned or brand new with designer/store tags still attached

  • No rips, tears, holes, missing beading, or major imperfections

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of dresses that I can consign?

A: No. You can submit applications for as many dresses as you want, although, not all may be accepted.

Q: My dress was never worn but the tags aren’t on it. Do I still need to show proof of professional cleaning?

A: Yes. To ensure the quality of dresses, we require proof of professional cleaning on all dresses that do not have tags still attached.

Q: How is the retail price of my gown determined?

A: MarWin Bridal and the consignor will agree on the retail price once the dress has been inspected by one of our consultants. The price is determined by the age, designer, style and overall condition of the gown.

Q: What happens if my dress does not sell?

A: We will email you the week after the sale to let you know the status of your dress. If your dress did not sell, we will keep your dress in storage for up to 1 month after the sale. If your dress is not picked up by December 17th, or other arrangements haven’t been made, then the dress becomes property of MarWin Bridal and will be donated.

Q: If my dress doesn’t sell at the Consignment Pop-Up Sale, can you just keep it at MarWin Bridal to try and sell it there?

A: Not necessarily. We only keep a limited number of consignment wedding dresses at the store. If your wedding dress did not sell at the pop-up sale, we may have space available for you to consign your dress at the store. We do not accept mothers, bridesmaid, or flower girl dresses for consignment at the store on a regular basis.

Q: Will you buy my dress from me?

A: No. We do not buy dresses from individuals.

Still have questions?

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